Information Acquisition in Applications

IzumiArtisan LLC(hereinafter referred to as “our company”) may obtain the following information when you use the application by the customer. Most of these information will be automatically collected by you using our application.
In addition, we do not record / store such information in relation to such information that can identify you personally.

Acquired information

1. Application usage status
(Example: start situation, purchase situation, play situation)
2. Terminal information
(Eg device name, OS version, OS configuration information, Android and iOS ad ID)
3. Payment information
(Example: billing information / payment information provided by customers from payment service companies (including but not limited to Apple Inc. and Google Inc.))

purpose of use

We will retain and use the above information for the following purposes.
1. Provision of applications and related services
2. Product / service development
3. Responding to customer inquiries
4. Ad serving
5. Analysis of user information for ad delivery and product / service quality improvement

Advertisement distribution business etc.

We will display advertisements on the application, and in order to confirm that these advertisements are valid, and to obtain information on the use of the application, we will provide network advertisement distribution companies, advertising agencies, We use business operators that provide information on data access (including customer usage) as partners.
The above service provider collects information about the use, browsing and action of your application and may use it for targeted advertisement to customers. A service provider may collect or access your information using its own tracking technology or other methods and such information may include, among other things, targeted advertisements, preventing customers from seeing the same ad several times, It is used to investigate whether advertisement to customers is useful. Those service providers may collect repetitive information about your application, third party applications, or other uses of websites and services.

Please confirm the following regarding the above service provider and those privacy policies applicable for collecting and using customer’s information.


The above information acquired by the Company may be provided to the above service provider.

Date of enactment: September 26, 2018
Last revised date: September 26, 2018
Izumi show
CEO,Izumi Artisan LLC